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I visit communities around the world to lead workshops for educators, bringing my background in theater, acting, music and improvisation to the Jewish educational space. As a musical and experiential Jewish educator, I am committed to bringing Jewish ritual to life in a way that feels real, joyful and resonant. 

I also lead workshops and musical sessions on Zoom. Please reach out anytime to chat about finding ways to connect during these digital times!

Jewish music

Sydney, Australia

Nov. 2019


Jewish Center of the Hamptons

Photo by Wil Weiss 

Visiting your community... 



Keynote Speaker

Cooper City, Fl

Feb. 2020


Toronto, Canada

Prosserman JCC

November 2021

Music sessions & Concerts (In person and online)

I would describe my musical sessions as a hybrid between a campfire, a  sanctuary and a party! I specialize in experiential musical sessions for all ages and generations, whether in a large concert venue, synagogue, beach, or a more intimate setting. When the world changed in 2020, I also began "visiting" communities all over the world via Zoom and Facebook Live.  Whether in person or virtual, all my sessions are super interactive, joyful and meaningful for adults, as well as kids.  I weave Jewish prayers and teachings into catchy  melodies that get everyone moving, singing and rocking out!


Jennifer Weisbord Photography

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